Initiated in 2004

Individualized Intervention

Under 6 Programming

Our intensive behaviour intervention program meets the needs of children under the age of 6. In coordination with our Behaviour Consultant Henrietta Penney M.S.Ed., and Behaviour Intervention Program Coordinator (BIPC) Kalma Arnett and BIPC Reid Saffarek, we develop an individualized plan of intervention based of the needs of your child. Through our initial rapport building we test all levels of child development based on the Assessment of Behaviour Language and Learning Skills (ABLLS) to determine the initial programming goals. Parents are encouraged to participate in as many intervention sessions as possible to promote skill building across environments and generalize a child’s skill to outside of the T&K environment.

Our teaching combines a variety of ABA styles including Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT) which is very structured, behaviour interventionist lead with specific programming targets; embedded activity which is still structured and focused on targets, but is BI lead with more flexibility; child lead where the BI decreases structure, but keeps targets in mind, and finally Natural Environment Teaching (NET) opportunities where the BI grabs the moment to teach a target.

Our under 6 programming promotes successful transition into other preschools or kindergarten environments. Children are exposed to a variety of expectations including compliance with a teacher, getting along with peers, sitting at a table, snack time, circle times, and physical activity, in addition to their individualized learned goals.

In addition to our individualized behaviour intervention goals, we encourage consultation from your child’s Occupational Therapist and Speech and Language Pathologist. By working as a team we can better predict successful acquisition of skills for your child. It is expected parents, professionals and the T&K team meet regularly to discuss your child’s progress.

For more information, please Click Here for our Parent Handbook.

School Aged Individualized Programming

School aged children attending T&K continue to received one on one supports (unless participating in a social group). We create an individualized program goal (IPG) document which outlines specific goals for each intervention session. Goals on this IPG are created in combination with parents and other professionals. Each IPG will have 6-8 broad programming goals, within these goals will be concrete targets or smaller steps we aim to master within 6 to 8 weeks. If your child has not achieved this target within a predetermined time, we re-evaluate our target or teaching strategy to promote success. Parents receive completed IPG’s monthly.

For more information, please Click Here for our Parent Handbook.