Initiated in 2004



Kalma Arnett
Behaviour Consultant and Owner

Kalma Arnett - BSc. Psychology, M. Prof. Ed. ABA.

Acting as the Behaviour Consultant and owner for T&K, Kalma oversees the day to day operations of our therapy centre.  In 1998, Kalma began working with children with special needs and took the next step in her journey in 2004, when she started T&K with a former business partner. Kalma’s skill and experience have flourished during this time while working with a variety of high skilled professionals throughout the province, namely Henrietta Penney at Alpha Behaviour Services in Kelowna and Megan Symonds at Monarch House in Burnaby. After graduating in August of 2015 from the University of Western Ontario with a Masters in Professional Education, specializing in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), Kalma could take over the position of Behaviour Consultant at T&K. Currently, she is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst candidate, working under Dr. Joel Hundrt at Behaviour Innovations in Toronto. Kalma is extremely passionate about the consultation and intervention services provided through T&K and aims to meet the best practices outlined in MCFD’s parent handbook for Autism Intervention Services. Ethics are of highest priority; As a BCBA candidate, Kalma is honored to closely follow the ethical guidelines set in place by the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board. The reward of seeing progress in the children we support, through not only daily data that is tracked but also the excitement of parents when their children begin generalizing the new skills taught at T&K, sustains Kalma’s drive to constantly improve and innovate programming and the ABA methods employed by interventionists. In addition to these amazing children and families, Kalma is also extremely proud of the highly skilled and dedicated team that helps T&K provide our incredible services. Our team composed of highly educated and experienced team members who pride themselves on the fidelity, reliability and validity of their work. 


Irene Nelson
 Behaviour Intervention Program Coordinator (BIPC) and Senior Behaviour Interventionist

Irene Nelson - Bachelor of Fine Arts

Originally trained in Lovaas ABA technique, Irene worked as an interventionist for 6 years prior to joining the T&K team in summer of 2011. With T&K, Irene uses her skills as a program coordinator and behaviour interventionist to ensure that each child is set up to succeed during their time with T&K. This is accomplished in a variety of ways, which include working closely with important external professionals involved in our client's lives and adjusting programming to fit the personal needs of each client. By setting realistic expectations and striving to empower success, Irene has great success with all her clients. With a near flawless consistency, Irene can handle just about anything and is always up for a challenge! 



 Chrissy Fraser
Senior Behaviour Interventionist


Christina Fraser - B. Sc. Psychology

Chrissy joined the T&K team in fall of 2013, following her graduation from the University of Northern British Columbia where she studied psychology. She was trained in ABA therapies through T&K, and has continued to grow and excel in this practice throughout her time with the company. A gentle and soft spoken demeanour facilitates Chrissy’s success with a wide variety of clients, including those with Autism, ADHD, OCD and ADD, as well as those with additional mental health concerns. These attributes, in addition to excellent consistency and patience, make Chrissy a great candidate to set your child up for success while working through their individualized intervention plan. Not being able to imagine another position as fulfilling as this, Chrissy hopes to continue her education with a Masters of Education in ABA.



  Kathryn Berry
Senior Behaviour Interventionist

Kathryn Berry - B. Sc. Biology

Kathryn (Kat) graduated from the University of Northern British Columbia with a bachelor of Science in Biology in 2011. Her understanding of science, paired with a strong attention to detail and a love of children, makes Kat a perfect fit for the T&K team. Committed to providing quality behaviour intervention and care to children of all ages, Kat strives to learn something from every new situation. She looks forward to continuing her education in ABA therapy with T&K as, in Kat’s eyes, nothing compares to watching the joy and sense of accomplishment a child feels when they have learned a new skill. She holds each and every one of her clients close to her heart, as every child is unique and deserving of love and understanding. 



  Melissa Pilgrim
Junior Behaviour Interventionist


Melissa Pilgrim - C.B.I Candidate

Melissa came to T&K after a wonderful experience nannying for two autistic children over several years. Her loyal being and great sense of humour make Melissa a perfect fit for her rewarding position as a junior behaviour interventionist at T&K, a journey she began in February of 2016. Melissa has a great sense of pride for the children and teens she works with every day and believes that they teach her just as much as she teaches them. These attributes made her follow this career path further and Melissa is now currently enrolled in a BI Certification diploma through Douglas College, where she learns skills and lessons that she is able to apply daily within sessions. Melissa's passion for Behaviour Intervention follows her into every session she has with a client, making therapy more engaging and fun for each child she works with. 








 Renata MacDonald
Office Manager

Renata MacDonald - Office Manager 

Renata joined the T&K team in the fall of 2016, in response to the growth and progression of T&K’s services. Her position as an office manager, where she provides human resources and administrative support for T&K, is a perfect fit for Renata while she works towards her degree in Human Resource Management. As a children’s mentor and facilitator through programs such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Prince George and Rainbows PG, Renata truly appreciates the authenticity and high standards of T&K’s programming methods. Through observation of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) techniques within the home-like environment of T&K’s office setting, Renata finds herself compelled to promote the effectiveness of T&K’s program in facilitating clients’ progressive development.