Covid-19 Policy

Beginning June 1, 2020 T&K will begin a gradual re-opening of services.  Please be advised, there will be changes to our health policy and service delivery to ensure compliance with Public Health Officer (PHO) and WorksafeBC guidelines.  

  • Before resuming your child’s sessions, Kalma must receive an initial and signed policy update.  You may email it to, drop in the outside mailbox at T&K or mail it to us at 788 Preston Road Prince George, BC V2K 1A8.
  • For hygienic and social distancing guidelines, T&K is no longer able to offer transportation services. Parents will be required to drop off and pick up for all sessions.  
  • Only in center sessions will be permitted at this time, sessions in the home or elsewhere will not be permissible.   
  • When dropping off your child, you must escort them to the door and wait until their temperature has been taken prior to leaving. 
  • There will be limited numbers of people in the building. 
  • Parents or professionals sitting in on sessions must be pre-arranged. Whenever possible this will be done virtually.   
  • Whenever possible, meetings with Kalma will be done virtually. Kalma will continue to observe your child’s session, ensuring social distancing. 
  • Drop off and pick up times will be staggered to allow for proper social distancing of children and parents.  Sessions will end 2.0 hours after your specific drop off time. 

Before you enter the building:

  • Children and staff will not be permitted in the building until a temperature reading has been done by T&K staff.  Any child or staff with a temperature reading above 37.2 degrees C will not be permitted in the building.  
  • If your child shows a temperature, they will be required to go home, the session will be billed as usual.  To avoid this, check your child’s temperature before 8am, if it is above 37.2 C you can cancel the session at no cost.  
  • If your child exhibits any signs of illness (runny nose, sneeze, cough, fever, etc), they will not be permitted in the building, you will be billed for the session. 
  • To limit the number of people in the building, parents are asked to say their goodbye’s outside the building, T&K will bring kids inside.  
  • Before entering the building, children will be required to wear a face mask.  T&K will have face masks available; they will be washed after each use. We realize many children will require desensitization to this change, that is okay, we will work on it with them.  Staff will always wear face masks and additionally face shields if necessary.
  • Staff will always wear face shields in addition to masks if your child tends to drool, spit, lick, or kiss others.  Face shields will also be worn if your child is desensitizing to various foods.  

During session:  

  • All sessions are 1:1 ratio only.  
  • As is regular practice at T&K, children will be required to wash hands before starting their learning, again before and after snack, and following any bathroom use.  
  • Staff and children will always wear face masks.  
  • While children are desensitizing to the use of face masks, staff will be wearing face shields in addition to face masks. 
  • There will be a maximum of 6 children in the building, 3 upstairs (1 quiet room, 1 kitchen area and 1 living room area) and 3 downstairs (1 quiet room, 2 large family room area).     
  • Whenever possible there will be a safe social distance between children and therapists. 
  • During session, there will be a minimum of 6 feet physical distancing between children.
  • Children will not interact with others, aside from their therapist while in the building.  
  • If playing outside, children may play with others, however staff will ensure social distancing is always applied. Any toys will be sanitized before and after your child plays with them.  
  • Changes to personal hygiene practices include:
    • Automated soap dispensers
    • Use of paper towel to dry hands, no hand towels permitted
    • Lidless or pedal step garbage cans only
  • At the end of session, parents will be asked to wait outside, we will bring your child out to meet you.  

After each session:  

  • Face masks will be washed in the washing machine and dried in the dryer.
  • The station of table/chair your child worked at will be sanitized thoroughly.
  • All hard-surfaced learning materials/toys will be sanitized before they are used with other children. 
  • All fabric material/toys will be placed in washing machine and not used again that day.  
  • All surfaces in the bathroom(s) your child may have used will be sanitized. 



To ensure all cleaning procedures can be conducted effectively and ensure continued health and safety to all, you will be billed an additional 30 minutes (3.0 hours) per session to ensure all cleaning procedures can be conducted effectively.