Behaviour Consultation

Behaviour Consultation

  • Specialization in Applied Behaviour Analysis
  • Behaviour assessments to gauge therapy starting points
  • Functional Behaviour Assessments
  • Determine antecedents, behaviours and consequences of behaviours in various environments.
  • Functions of behaviour and how to address them.
  • Parent training
  • Dealing with Challenging behaviours.
  • Generalizing behaviours outside of the center learning environment.
  • Behaviour Therapist training and assessment.
  • School based behaviour assessments
  • Functional Behaviour Assessments (FBA) – determine the function and motivation of behaviours.  FBA’s are completed over several sessions and provide a road map to understanding why behaviours are happening and how we can change them.  FBA’s provide therapists and other stakeholders protocols and guidance on strategies to promote change through positive behaviour supports.
  • Behaviour Plans of Intervention – these documents, mainly for children under the age of 6 or those in our distance learning school programs, outline in detail the specific areas of weakness through which T&K’s behaviour therapy sessions are conducted.  These plans are updated three times per year, using our daily session results and progress graphs to determine overall and mean scores of progress for each skill being taught.
  • Progress Review Meetings – regular meetings reviewing current progress of skills being taught.  


Private Behaviour Consultations

T&K Behaviour Consulting has worked with many children, families, group homes and other service providers in Prince George and surrounding areas since 2003.  In addition to our one-on-one behaviour therapy with children and youth, our goal is to educate those involved with children with neurodiverse learning to be more successful in making socially significant changes to children’s lives. We do this using evidence-based therapies, especially Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).  Applied Behaviour Analysis is the science in which strategies developed from the principles of behaviour are implemented to improve socially significant behaviour.  ABA is one of the only evidence-based therapies proven to be successful with individuals with neurodiverse learning needs.

While on our waiting list or privately, consultation services are offered virtually.  By accessing behaviour consultation services, you will gain:

  • An understanding of how children with neurodiverse learning differ from others.
  • How proactive positive learning supports can help create more success throughout the day.
  • Target and create concrete strategies to manage challenging behaviours.
  • Resources to help you follow through with recommendations. 

Please reach out to Kalma Arnett at for more information and rates.