Distance Learning School Program

Distance Learning School Program

At T&K we offer support to students who find the public school system does not meet their specific learning needs.  Whether it is lack of individualized support, an environment not best to help a student learn, or teaching staff unable to provide the skills necessary to decrease behaviours interfering with learning, T&K can meet all these needs in a safe, quiet and student specific learning environment. 

Students attending T&K through a distance learning program must be registered in a distance learning school through the Ministry of Education.  This school will then provide T&K with funds to contribute to their tuition.  Families may also access their Autism Funding, respite funding or any other means to subsidize the remainder of learning each month.

In our Distance Learning Education Program, you will receive:
  • Individualized academic learning based on the Ministry of Education Curriculum, adapted, or modified to meet your child’s needs.
  • Individual support to meet academic expectations.
  • Functional learning skills are based on your child’s needs and abilities (Community skills, social engagement, pre-employment skills, etc.).
  • Individualized behavioural support with the intention to increase learning abilities while decreased behaviours previously interfering with learning.
  • Daily communication at drop off and pick up as well as weekly data outlining objectives achieved in learning.
  • Weekly work submissions to your distance learning school, provided and communication by Behaviour Consultant Kalma Arnett.
  • In depth reporting to parents and school twice in the school year, in January and June.